Ziaja Maska Oczyszczająca (Clay Mask) Review

by - December 01, 2017

Face masks are such a craze on Instagram right now. They are literally everywhere. Jumping on that bandwagon, I decided to try an anti-acne face mask. And found this amazing budget Ziaja Maska Oczyszczająca (Clay Mask) at Tesco. Ziaja is a very popular skincare brand in Poland & I knew right away knew that the mask would be a good try.

The mask costs 1.99 zl (approx 0.6 Euro)

About Ziaja Maska Oczyszczająca

The mask is a cleansing gray clay mask for mixed and oily skin and acne. It contains sulfur, magnesium, calcium, and manganese, and is a source of micronutrients: mainly silicon (about 45%), aluminum (about 30%) and iron (about 2.5%).
Ziaja claims that the mask reduces visibility of enlarged pores. 
The protein-zinc complex combines zinc antibacterial and protein-soothing properties. 
It prevents the formation of irritation caused by excessive accumulation of sebum on the skin surface.
 It regulates the process of keratinisation of the epidermis and protects against excessive loss of water
 and effectively soothes skin irritation. 
Provitamin B5 in the mask actively hydrates and effectively regenerates irritated skin. 
The mask contains allantoin which has excellent soothing and protective properties 
and effectively relieves irritations and reduces the tendency to further develop them.

How to use the mask?
Apply a thick layer of mask on the skin of the face and neck. Wash with lukewarm water after about 10 - 15 minutes. Use 2 -3 times a week for best results.

My Review

I’m personally very impressed with the mask. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was that the mask smells really good. The mask is actually thick and it spreads very evenly on the skin. Immediately after applying it, you can feel that your skin is moisturized. After 15 minutes, I noticed that the mask doesn’t dry completely. This just makes it so much easier to remove.

Once the mask was completely removed, my first impression was that my skin feels soft & healthy but not heavy or oily and for me, that is just great.  Also, this is not something temporary; the skin feels the same throughout the day. The skin is also noticeably brighter and after a few uses, my acne marks were also less visible.

Leaves skin brighter & hydrated
Removes Sebum, in turn, cleaning the pores
For the price, it is a great deal

I wish they had a larger package, as this package is only enough for two uses.

Would I buy it again?
Yes. I love this face mask.

Final Thought

I think it is a great product for the price & would a really nicely weekly mask for a lot of people. 

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  1. I haven't used a clay mask before. I'm just now diving into the mask craze. I'd love to try this one out!

  2. Clay masks seem to be really good for your skin I have to admit I've not used one for ages though but this makes me think about getting one to try again ASAP!

  3. my daughter often uses mask I personally have never tried them. This would be something I need check into for both of us

  4. I really need to jump on that bandwagon too! They seriously are everywhere so there has to be something to them.

  5. CLay masks are my favourite way of relaxing and unwinding. I am sucker for picking up all types of clay masks because they work the best for me!


  6. I've never heard of this before but a clay mask in a packet sounds so cool. Glad to hear that this clay mask works on you. I've dry skin and with clay mask I find it makes my skin much drier but I like how it removes dirt and death skin cells.

  7. I love a good face mask. I need to check this brand out!

  8. Sounds like an awesome product for the price. The one thing I dislike is a smelly mask and happy to hear you enjoyed it.

  9. Sounds like a great product . Also value for the price. I personally like clay mask. It makes skin soft after using.

  10. This clay mask sounds amazing! I will definitely have to check it out! xo, Suzanne